After a 1.5 hour trip by ferry and an hour drive by coach we reach Ioannina - the capital of the beautiful province of Epirus, which lies on the western shore of Lake Pamvotida in northwestern Greece. The destination Ioannina and the Pamvotida lake is surrounded by an impressive green landscape and is surrounded by the Pindos Mountains.

The graphical city combines tradition and modernity in an engaging way.

When you tour through the peaceful streets of the ancient old town of Ioannina, where can still discover many buildings from Ottoman period, one has the impression - the time has stopped.

Our first sight takes us to a small boat ride to the graceful surrounded by reeds monastery island Nissi Ioanninon, in the middle of Lake Pamvotida - on which there are several monasteries. On the island monastery Panteleimon Monastery, which from the 16th Originates century, was Ali Pasha the Lion of Janina - shot by the Turks. A memorial room is reminiscent of the fact.

Our next stop is the immediate vicinity of Ioannina - the famous cave of Perama. The cave can be found about 4km north of Lake Pamvotida in the village of Perama. In the huge about 1100m long cave, numerous stalactites and stalagmites have formed.

Back in Ioannina, we visit the center of the city - this is where the Archaeological Museum, in which exhibits the Dodona oracle site to see, as well as the landmark of the town - the very eye-catching clock tower. But especially enjoy the sizable fortress of Ioannina - the citadel Frourio, which is one of the oldest in Greece and from which one has a magnificent view over the city of Ioannina, Pamvotida lake and the picturesque mountain landscape of the Pindos Mountains Mountains. In the Frourio Citadel can be found in numerous museums - explore the history of the province - here are the Aslan D┼żami mosque which houses the folklore museum, the Turkish library and the ancient synagogue. The southeastern inner citadel includes, among others - the Ali Pasha mausoleum, and the Byzantine Museum with the Church Agii Anargiri.

After an interesting and exciting tour there will be time for a lunch break, who wants to can enjoy an ouzo and convince yourself of the excellent traditional cuisine in the numerous cafes and restaurants.



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